László Nagy the man of ideas, leader of developement, responsible for installations, but also father of two children who often works late night. He is the one who invested most of his time in the past year into VisibleCrossing.

László Nagy

Founder, CEO
Máté az egyik társalapító, aki kezdetektől irányítja a cég pénzügyi folyamatait és ellátja a kontrolling feladatokat. Fiatal kora ellenére komoly szakmai háttere van pénzügyi vezetőként.

Máté Vidákovics

Co-founder, Financial director
Balázs a másik társalapító, aki cégünk működésében a értékesítésért felelős csapattag. Balázs több éves értékesítési tapasztalattal rendelkezik a B2B szektorban, főleg elektronikai alkatrészek területén.

Balázs Nyári

Co-founder, Sales
Csapatunk mentora, aki idővel társtulajdonosként beszállt mellénk. 16 év B2B értékesítés, menedzsment és marketing tapasztalat van mögötte. Csapatunkat főleg marketing- és kommunikáció területén segíti.

Gábor Józsa

Co-owner, mentor

The VisibleCrossing story

We haven’t left the startup marker yet, but this year the idea is 5 years old, which has set us on track to accomplish our mission.

The idea is born

On a gray autumn dawn Laszlo Nagy took his wife to work as she drove through a poorly lit zebra in her car. He also wondered if he would notice if a pedestrian was about to cross. Fate responded to the contemplation as he crossed the same crossing back 15 minutes later. The ambulance had just taken care of the seriously injured pedestrian who had been driven away by a car because he had not noticed…

The first working prototype

Research to solve the problem soon came to fruition, and 1 year after the laboratory tests, we began testing the prototype under live conditions, which we named SafeXOne.

Capital increase

The prototype of our SafeXOne system successfully passed the live tests, so the next step was to find an investor to provide the necessary financial background for product development. This year joined our mentor Gábor Józsa.

R&D, domestic and foreign exhibitions

This year, we developed and tested several different prototypes. Several versions have been made for all components: control, solar charging, pedestrian detection, laser light and communication. In the spring of ‘18, we visited one of the world’s leading road safety exhibitions in the Netherlands, and then in the autumn we took part in a domestic innovation exhibition.

The first working systems

In the summer of 2019, we installed 2 of our systems in an urban environment for testing. One in Veszprém, the other in Várpalota. Over the past year, we have made more than 150,000 pedestrian crossings safer and the systems are running smoothly. In the autumn of this year, we carried out another capital increase, which was used to prepare for series production.

Series production

We have good news for pedestrians: SafeXOne series production started in the spring of 2020 and we protect zebra crossers in more and more settlements. Our system has meanwhile been expanded with a monitoring function provided by the IoT Gateway, with which we receive real-time data from all installed locations, which our customers can view from any smart device, and we can also continuously monitor the operation of the systems.

Wondering how quickly and for how much we can build a SafeXOne system at dangerous pedestrian crossings in your area?

How does SafeXOne system works?

The SafeXOne system consists of four bollards located on the four corners of the designated pedestrian crossing. The bollards can be powered by solar energy, which allows easy installation. SafeXOne provides double protection. On the one hand, a yellow flashing clearly visible on the sides of the bollards indicates the intention to cross for motorists, and on the other hand, the emitted laser light as a primary protection function illuminates pedestrians’ feet while crossing.

Unlike other static systems, SafeXOne’s visibility improving system works on a dynamic principle. It is only activated if a pedestrian wants to cross the zebra. And the flickering and “movement” of the laser light at the same time as the step can effectively warn the driver of the danger. This operating scheme prevents drivers from getting used to the general flashing devices and the function of increasing safe crossing later on.

Pedestrian detection

Activated only if someone is crossing.

Visible move

Laser light makes the dynamics of motion visible

Visible safety

An additional yellow flashing also warns the drivers

Remote access

System status and statistics can be queried from anywhere