How does the SafeXOne system work?

Our company’s mission is to prevent the unfortunately large number of wading accidents at designated pedestrian crossings. Our 100% domestically developed, innovative pedestrian protection system: SafeXOne. We are happy that more and more people thinking about this problem. Pedestrian safety systems are spreading. How are they called otherwise? You can come across a couple of different synonyms: intelligent pedestrian crossing, smart zebra, pedestrian safety system.

We use the intelligent zebra name SafeXOne is an innovative, pre-age, innovative pedestrian protection system.

Benefits of the SafeXOne system

Compared to traditional systems, SafeXOne can be installed anywhere without breaking the road asphalt. It doesn’t require mains power to operate. A true intelligent zebra, the bollards communicate with the central monitoring system via NB IoT. This allows you to check the operation of the system from anywhere, even from a mobile phone.

Easy installation

Our system can be installed without cutting the asphalt.

Prevents accidents

We make the pedestrian visible, there is no accident.

Accepted by Hungarian Public Roads

It can be installed to roads managed by Hungarian Public Roads.


We provide a 2-year full warranty and a 10-year parts supply.

SafeXOne smart features

Our goal was to create a true smart zebra system that meets the needs of today.

We have created a downloadable product brochure for you about the SafeXOne intelligent zebra system.

Do you still have questions?

Below we have collected frequently asked questions from our customers. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us so we can help!
Where are the systems installed?
At many places in Hungary. You can find out more about this on our website, in the References section .
How much a SafeXOne system cost?
Tha laser light always visible?
Is the brightness of the yellow flashes constant?
What conditions must be met for the installation on the road section managed by Hungarian Public Roads?
In the case of a street lighting supply, if the supply fails, how long will the system run?
Can I be notified when a power supply is interrupted?