Gyalogos halad át a zebrán, biztonságban.


Intelligent zebra

Drivers spot a pedestrian crossing the road in time, preventing 95% of accidents.
Fiatal lányt elütöttek a zebrán. Végzetes balesetek a zebrán.


While crossing.

In Hungary, 9 out of 10 personal injuries and 3 out of 4 fatalitiesoccur at a pedestrian crossing that’s not protected by a traffic light.
SafeXOne intelligens zebra sárga jelzőfénnyel mutatja az autósoknak, ha gyalogos halad át a zebrán.


Indicates that pedestrian is crossing.

Accurate detection – the basis of good pedestrian protection systems. Without false alarms, we only give a signal when a pedestrian passes through the road. SafeXOne – visible safety.


These municipalities have already decided: they all protect their citizens with SafeXOne intelligent pedestrian crossing system. In fact, where the SafeXOne system was installed, the number of wading accidents was reduced to 0. Thus, we can say that we are providing real protection, while national and EU accident statistics for pedestrian traffic are unfortunately showing a deteriorating trend.


The success of SafeXOne lies in the fact that it clearly shows the intention of pedestrians to cross without false alarms. At dusk and at night, the additional protection function is activated, making the movement of pedestrians directly visible as they pass through the pedestrian crossing.

We detect the intention of the pedestrian to cross

Our system reliably detects the intention to pass through the pedestrian crossing. The system will be active, indicating a directional flashing yellow light to drivers. In twilight and darkness, the additional laser light provides increased visibility.

We make the pedestrian visible.

In the zebra area, a plane of light created by a laser is created above the plane of the roadway, which makes the movement, speed and direction of the pedestrian visible. This operating scheme ensures that drivers are not used to signaling the SafeXOne system. In this way, we also prevent accidents due to habit.

We prevent the accidents

Drivers are able to sense the unusual and visible light effect from a safe distance so they can stop in front of the zebra. As a result, the number of accidents on zebras protected with our SafeXOne system is reduced to 0.

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Benefits of the SafeXOne system

Compared to traditional systems, SafeXOne can be installed anywhere. There’s no need to break down the asphalt. It does not require mains power supply for its operation, it remains functional even in the case of cloudy weather for 2 weeks with the help of its solar panels. With additional solar panels and extra lighting, a truly robust, comprehensive protection system can be created.

SafeXOne is an intelligent pedestrian protection system. Motion sensors reliably detect pedestrians so there is no false alarm. Using mobile communication (3G / 4G), you can send the control panel from any telephone system, so you can really see the status of our systems as well as the crossing data. This information can also be tracked by our customers from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone as soon as you can track the system in real time.

Easy installation

Our system can be installed without cutting the asphalt.

Prevents accidents

We make pedestrians visibile.

Accepted by Hungarian Public Roads

It can be installed on roads managed by Hungarian Public Roads.


We provide a 2-year full warranty and a 10-year parts supply.

What our customers say

Several municipalities joined the safe settlements using the SafeXOne system in 2019 and 2020. Their numbers are growing, usually word of mouth that such a system already exists. We are proud of this as well as the feedback from our customers and thank you for all the support!

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