At Sződ two SafeXOne systems are installed. Both places are quite havy traffic because the school, kindergarten and the council are near. Every month ~9500 crossing event is secured by our intelligent safety systems.

Locations: One is placed at the school, the other one at the kindergarten.

Installation date: 2020 July

Traffic:  ~9500 crossing events /month

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The system powered by solar panel and provides remote monitoring functions.

Locations: Gyári street, and Bajcsi Zs. street – at Penny Market

Road manager: National Public Roads

Owner: Council of Szigetszentmiklós

Installation date: 2020 September

Traffic: More then 20 000 crossing events every month


At this location the power supply is mixed. One side is powered by solar panel and the other side is connected to the lighting grid. Because of a new healthcare center the traffic has increased and intelligent pedestrian protection became necessary.

Location: Maglód Health Center

Road manager: National Public Roads

Owner: Maglód Council

Installation date: 2021 spring